Unicum Experience Menu

We present you our Unicum Experience Menu including a welcome aperitif (bread, olives and aioli), a starter, a main course, a dessert and sparkling or still water.

This theme menu is prepared using top-quality products which are carefully selected and processed in our kitchens. We never use flavour enhancers or artificial preservatives.

All of our dishes are cooked while you wait, as a result of which a certain amount of time is needed to prepare them, especially in the case of our rice dishes and paellas.

We try to offer you the most efficient service, but we believe that the end result of this short
wait is worthwhile.

We remind you that we offer you a wide variety of dishes on our main menu.

Unicum Experience Menu
Set menus available from Monday to Saturday at lunchtime and every evening of the week, except for public holidays in Palma and Calviá.

The company reserves the right to modify the opening hours, prices and months during which this set menu remains valid.